My spouse and i compared McDonald's to typically the most significant fast-food chain inside Korea, and the 'McDonald's of Korea' has one particular major advantage

The biggest fast-food chain inside South Korea isn't McDonald's, KFC, or Burger King — even though they all have places in the country.

Rather, Lotteria is the best, with even more than 1, 300 locations, plus hundreds more through Asia.

While it might be reductive to compare every single prêt à manger chain to McDonald's, Tombola makes the contrast pretty quick. The burger-and-fries-centric menu is similar, as are usually the prices. Locations look related, both to one particular one more and to McDonald's back in the PEOPLE. There is even a McDonald's directly next to be able to the Lotteria in Seoul Station, forcing people to help choose which prêt à manger sequence to ally their selves having as soon as many people enter into the city.

Instead of making , I decided to try McDonald's and Lotteria back-to-back and find out which fast-food chain was released on best. I discovered more commonalities than differences, although 1 chain still succeeded in order to eke out a new success thanks to one main advantages.

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